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I finally did it!

Posted on 2010.02.21 at 16:30
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After trying so many times, I finally beat Mokou! I'm still shaking, my first clearing of an extra boss. Now for something only Momiji is going to understand. If you want to understand it too play then start playing Touhou. :D

Stage is easy enough for me now, caught 2 of Keine's cards, moved too far right while streaming the last one and ran into a bullet, deathbombed. Used the safespot for the death fairy so I could have as much stuff for Mokou as I needed. I did mess up and die once though, oops >.>

First 3 nonspells are easy for me now, all uneventful.

Limiting Edict "Tsuki no Iwakasa's Curse" is always a nightmare for me. I know how to do it, but I always mess up somehow. Also I screwed up and had to deathbomb twice, but I just decided to keep moving on because I hate that card so much.

Immortal "Fire Bird -Flying Phoenix-" I cried on this one. A bullet spawned on me, and I died because of that. D: Mokou is a cheater! And it's such an easy card too!

Fujiwara "Flaw of Forgiving Shrine" Easy card, for Reimu and Yukari at least. Captured! :D

Second nonspell set I bombed the first one as a panic, second one no bombs or deaths :D

Deathless "Xu Fu's Dimension" This card is one made to scare you. So easy once you know how it works. Captured!

Forgiveness "Honest Man's Death" Just like the one before it, impossible looking, but very easy once you know how it works. Captured!

Third nonspell set used a bomb on the first one and cleared the second no problem!

Hollow Giant "Woo" I deathbombed on it once because I ran into a stray bullet. Other than that it went fine.

Everlasting "Phoenix's Tail" another run into a bullet with a deathbomb. I do that a lot.

Final nonspell is so damn hard and fast it makes me cry T_T. Died once and bombed my way through it.

Hourai "Fujiyama Volcano" Don't even mention this one. It is so hard and I deathbombed I or died about 5 or 6 times. I'm lucky I got through it though.

"Possessed by Phoenix" I did OK on. Bombed a couple times to get through it. I stopped caring about capturing cards at this point because I usually die before this card anyway. Made it through.

"Hourai Doll" First time against it outside spell practice mode. I made it to when she shoots the rings and lines at you, then deathbombed. I then died and then she died and I won :D

5 cards captured in all, and next time maybe I'll not mess up on a few more of her cards and get to see Imperishable Shooting! :D

Anyway I'm really happy right now, next up is beating Ran or getting a 1CC in one of the other games to unlock other extra stages :D

Green Green to me a lot of things. It's a really awesome color in it's own right, a cool color that is kinda relaxing to look at. It also means one of the many ways I can express myself, if that makes any sense at all.

Pokémon Love in pixel form. Pokémon is something I grew up with, and never grew too old for, because only cool people are like that and never hid from it during Generation III. I even have my Blue version with all 151 caught in it sitting in my room. If you erase that file I'll probably beat you up for it. There is so much to love about Pokémon, you can't deny that! The best ones are a lot of them, namely Ivysaur, Gallade, Vaporeon, Espeon, Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Lucario, Frosslass, Manectric, Latias, Chatot for it's awesome chatter attack that lets you customize it yourself and Oddish. Oddish is adorable~ <3

I like Grass types, as well as Ice, water and Psychic the most. But the only one I dislike is Bidoof. They all need to be sent into the sun or something >=/

Those crazy shmups you can pick one :DI got drawn in by the music to be honest. Zun, the guy who gets drunk and makes the Touhou Project games all by himself can compose fantastic melodies that are simply stunning to listen to. The games are really really difficult to master, but a few key techniques will help you not die. Use the entire screen, sometimes that makes dodging much easier. Don't panic, a lot of patterns are hard because you freak out and run into a stray bullet. Finally keep trying, eventually the pattern just makes sense and you can beat it!

Dreidels It's a game, you spin the top and get to eat chocolate coins. Happy Hannukah!

Keyboard For a second I thought you meant that awesome program that plays music while you hit different keys, but thats KeyBored. :p I hit the keys and it makes words on the screen, and I also have to clean mine because there is a lot of dust between the keys and it's getting annoying now. Also half my name is qwerty so that's thanks to a keyboard, another reason why they are pretty cool.

Now comment and I'll post 5 words that remind me of you and then you will define them somewhere, I don't care where. Getting 5 words and not defining them will cause an increase in you getting stabbed by a tonberry, and then being kicked in the Shins by a bratty 6 year old who smells like really old cheese and vinegar. Finally it will result in the incineration of your weighted companion cube, a negative mark on your permanent record, and lastly death. Have a nice day, thank you for reading this!


I got Site staffed

Posted on 2009.08.05 at 10:31
Current Mood: geeky


Insanity of the moon

Posted on 2009.07.11 at 18:09
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1cc'd Imperishable night with Sakuya and Remilia, both Final A and B on normal.
I've done it with Reimu and Yukari a bunch of times already, but never got around to the other teams. Saw all the spellcards in the playthrough, caught 20. (It was my first time seeing Divine Seal "Fantasy Spread" -Blink- so I died very quickly on that one :/)

Now to 1cc hard!



Posted on 2009.06.26 at 07:32
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T_T I thought I quit this months ago
Why must they be so addicting!?!
Click them so they don't die, they live under the cut.
Eggs!!!Collapse )


Ciddie GET

Posted on 2009.06.21 at 08:35
Ciddie GET
Best RM/FS


Yay ciddies

Posted on 2009.06.13 at 21:42
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Current Mood: dorky
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I got nominated in stuff =D
Best Recognized Member/Former Staff
Nicest Member
Most Underrated Member
Become a Cid's Knight
Win a Reality TV Talent Competition Thing

The last one is completely unexpected, I wanna know who wrote me for it. xD

Also I'm running the predictions this time, so you should be awesome and predict stuff. And voting. You should go vote too.


Stark is an eggplant

Posted on 2009.06.02 at 11:42
Current Location: Huelco Mundo
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Stark is an eggplant.

Also I am really exited for this weeks chapter, Soifon's Bankai against Barrangan's power over making you old!

I'm such a nerd for Bleach.
Listen to Grimmjow singing under the cut!Collapse )

Also I'm really exited that I'm almost done with my roleplay application for theskytides! Steampunk multifandom airship roleplay of awesomeness!


USA, and the world?

Posted on 2009.05.15 at 08:49

visited 20 states (40%)
Create your own visited map of The United States
Yay Eastern US!


Really random...

Posted on 2009.04.10 at 22:44

you do pretty much nothing but watch little people beat each other up. xD

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